Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Yes, I love snow, but I also pray for a "Isaiah 1:18" white Christmas for each of my students.  "Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow..."  Christ Has Radically Invaded Satan's Territory Making Available Salvation.

In World History,  we have been studying the Reformation.  This past October 31, we celebrated 500 years of freedom from the darkness of the Roman Catholic Church of medieval Europe.  Martin Luther and his life were a huge impact in this event as well as Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, and even Felix Manz (the first anabaptist martyr).  Ask Marvin how he is related to Felix? 

In M.S. Science, we have been doing a Unit on meteorology. No, it is not the study of meteors, but rather the study of weather!  To spice things up a little, the entire class is currently working and brainstorming (no pun intended) on a project that we hope to upload on Youtube.  This is still in the works, but they are learning some good lessons on group work as well. 

In Health, which is just one semester, we have been studying diseases.  What is the most common infectious disease to mankind?  Ask your health student...and if you don't have one, the answer is dental caries (fancy way to say cavity)  Next week, we will begin our final unit on drugs and alcohol.  Finally, the week before Christmas, there will be a semester exam so encourage your child to study up!

In Biology, we finished up macro (living things you can see without a microscope) and began the wonderful world of microorganisms. Bacteria are the "simplest" organisms on earth, yet even they display extreme complexity in structure and even in the way they move about.  

In Physics, we are studying astronomical equations and how gravity and mass affects the physical situations of life.  Levi and Dennis were able to use different equations to calculate the difference of situations on the moon compared to the earth and even how the distance between them affects the outcome as well.

In Physiology, we have been studying the Nervous System.  This is the most difficult part of curriculum and the girls are doing a great job of learning the anatomy and physiology of the CNS and PNS.  They have been brainstorming (no pun intended) ways to incorporate these lessons in future education as 2 of the 3 girls are planning on getting into a medical profession.  Katelyn found it interesting that you don't have pain sensors in your brain so at one time, doctors could do a brain surgery while patients were still awake!

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