Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Well, the 9-11 grade took PSAT's today. Hopefully everything went well, but they were mentally tired when it was all said and done. What's going on elsewhere in the KA middle and high school, though?

For starters, we are preparing to send out our second newsletter. Many of the students who write in the newsletter are also in pre-calculus. This means that they are studying things like zeroes and factors of polynomials. They are also identifying what kind of polynomial would create the best fit equation for a given set of data or scatter plot. It's pretty neat to watch them in action.

The remainder of the publications class, the sophomore class and most of the freshmen class, have been working on factoring, abstract fractions, parts of similar triangles, and much more. The rest of the freshmen class is working on linear functions, limits, slopes of lines, and the fun never stops!

The middle school math classes are working on conversions, greatest common factors, and least common multiples to name a few. They are also honing their typing skills in keyboarding class.

All of the students are working on a foreign language of some sort. And this wraps a lot of what's going on in many of the high school/middle school classes.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Welcome to October (one of my favorite months of the year!)

In World History,  we have been studying the  Greek and Roman Empire's.  We took a look into Daniel's prophecy that explained Alexander the Great as a "one-horned goat" taking things down in his path.  As we ventured into the Roman world, we set the stage for the most important event in history: the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  We have also been studying the severe persecution of Christians in the first 300 years after Christ. 

In M.S. Science, we are up to our neck in hot water...and cold water...and solid water...and vapor water.  Anything and everything about water has been discussed, demonstrated and dissected about the most incredible substance on the planet!  Next week, we will be practicing our science fair projects which shall be presented the younger part of the school the week before fall break. 

In Health, which is just one semester, we are continuing to study the human body.  To supplement the curriculum, we have also been using a YouTube channel called Crash Course which adds very many interesting and educational facts concerning each of our body's systems.  We also started the next Unit on safety.  It has been entertaining to break out some retro safety videos from the good ol' days!

In Biology, we studied fish/amphibians and got some hands on action by dissecting a big and smelly Rainbow trout.  Then we moved onto the world of botany and have learned about such things as to why leaves change color and how.

In Physics, we are studying 2-dimensional motion including parabolic motion.  Levi and Dennis are realizing that math equations can come to life as they calculate all kinds of physical situations.

In Physiology, we studied bones and more bones.  Not only did they memorize quite a few of them, but they also learned how and why bones grow.  Ask the Junior girls to explain how braces use your jaw bone to realign your teeth!

Monday, October 2, 2017

The English Corner

     Greetings from the English Corner!  As the leaves begin changing into brilliant colors, English students at KA are changing and growing, too.  The month of September was full as we all settled into the learning routines here.
     The 7/8 grade Grammar Class progressed from nouns and verbs to verb tenses and voices. They became "field observers" and kept a notebook of observations of a particular place/thing over an entire week. They then had fun donning a "field vest, hat and binoculars" and presenting their observations to the class. These observations will be "published" and displayed in our room in time for Parent-Teacher Conferences.
     The Junior English Class has carefully waded through the writings of early America and is now reading literature of the Revolutionary era.  Writers such as Ben Franklin Thomas Paine will be good examples of how much literature changed as the lives of people in early America changed, and yet Phyllis Wheatley's writings are a reminder that some early Americans kept a strong Biblical faith. The students experienced the difficulty Puritan ministers faced when they rewrote Psalms from the KJV Bible to make them singable., and published them in the Bay Psalm Book. Other students chose to write poetry somewhat reflective of Anne Bradstreet's style-using a subject from their own experience that has a universal theme. They are doing a great job with this challenging literature.
     The Freshman English Class is reading poetry and prose-with a focus on the author's use of sound and word order. I always am amazed how authors use words and literary techniques to create like an artist uses brushes and paint to create. Since poetry is meant to be heard, it has been great to listen to
 the students each take a turn at reading the poetry selections "live" in class! It carries so much more meaning. They are all working extra hard this week preparing for the test over Unit 2.
     The Middle School English Class is beginning Unit 2, called Choices. We will see how intriguing characters in intriguing stories never stand still (cited in Excursions in Literature). They, like us, make choices daily that move us forward or backward.  This focus in all the stories will remind us how important choices are and to consider the choice carefully! Besides reading, this group wrote Diamante Poems as they wrapped up Unit One on "Friends." You will be able to see their "published" copy at the Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 17.  Hope to see you there!
     Thanks again for all your support!! It is such a blessing to be working with your sons and daughters.
"...let us love not in word, but in deed and in truth." John 3:18

Monday, September 11, 2017

The English Corner

Our new school year is off to a great start!  We welcome our new middle school and high school students and their families: Winston Moser, Travis Gerber and Daniel Bross!  We hope they have felt welcomed.  They each enrich our classes and we are glad they are here.

Each literature class began by listening to an audiobook followed by writing an in-class essay.  The Middle School were mesmerized by Frozen Fire by Nieritz-a Lamplighter Theatre production.  It was based on a true story in the setting of the development of the smallpox vaccine. They are now reading selections on "Friends" and will be preparing for their first literature test planned for next week.They are moving along nicely in Grammar. We have covered sentences and nouns, and are into the chapter on verbs. They will start a Field Notes project where we hope to see many nouns and verbs popping out in their writing!

The 9/1- class is busy and actively immersed in literature. They listened to a Radio Theatre production of Silas Marner, focusing on theme and character development. They will take their first lit test this week. Each of the writings has stretched us as we learn the depth that "imaginative comparisons" adds to writing (especially The Windows by George Herbert!)  There will be opportunities to try their "hand" at using these techniques soon. (was that a synecdoche??)

 The 11th grade listened to The Pearl by John Steinbeck, a parable that included issues of the American Dream though it took place in colonial Mexico.  Steinbeck writing is full of similes,metaphors, personifications, vivid descriptions and lessons. This sets the scene well for studying the beginning and growth of American Literature this year.  The early American writings are challenging to read since some have not been modernized.  Mary Rowlandson's narrative about being attacked and then captured by the Indians was written in seventeenth century English-it takes patience and diligence to soak up its meaning, but it has more depth and flavor, too!

Thanks for all your support from home and please feel free to contact me about anything.
Mrs. Lemmen

These things I have spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full. John 15:10-11
And another year is underway. The crazy thing is, we're already coming up on the midpoint of the first grading period. Time flies!

The pace at the beginning of the year always seems to catch many of the kids off guard. However, their efforts and attitudes normally help them transition quite well into their school work, and this year was no exception. I love the kids here!

Most of the classes begin with a lot of review, but by now are getting into new material. We've been looking at a lot of review in different operations, decimals & fractions, and how these are applied in word problems for the middle school. The high school has been focusing on everything from the distributive property & solving for unknowns to matrices for two & three dimensional equations to continuity of functions & their limits. The kids are also diving headlong into their foreign language class (whichever one their taking) on Rosetta Stone, sharpening their keyboarding skills, and learning how to write creatively enough so people will want to read the newsletters they create.

Is this a lot for the students to tackle? Of course, but if we can train them to be men and women of godly character, I believe they will step up to the plate and complete each task. And not only will these tasks be completed, men and women of godly character will do it as to the Lord (Colossians 3:23). This will only improve the quality of the work done here at Kingdom Academy.

Please join me in praying for, and helping point these kids back to Christ as their example of how to perform their tasks. Thank you, and we hope to have another wonderful year!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Welcome back to another year here at Kingdom Academy!  So far the "old" students and the new students have been a true blessing to my classroom and I look forward to making many memories this year both in academics and our faith in Christ.

In World History,  we began by studying Hebrew History.  It has been interesting how much impact still today that God's chosen people have shaped history.  This week, we began studying the ancient history of Asia which includes Japan, China, and all of southeast Asia.  This has been good to incorporate with Mr. Kipfer's class as he shared about Jonathan and Lisa Ringger who are missionaries in southeast Asia.

In M.S. Science, we used the entirety of the first week to study and explore the solar eclipse.  The 5 M.S. students did a great job in class discussion and reflection of different videos we watched and presentations they presented.  This past week we began a Unit about our privileged planet and atmosphere.  Ask your child what ozone is and how it is important.

In Health, which is just one semester, we have been studying the human body.  To supplement the curriculum, we have also been using a YouTube channel called Crash Course which adds very many interesting and educational facts concerning each of our body's systems.  Thanks to whoever donated Mr. Bones as he has made an appearance in my class a few times. So far, this class has enriched the Physiology class that has 3 Junior girls.  We are also in the works of getting Dr. Fischer in to talk to the class as we briefly studied children health.

In Biology, we are beginning with the macro world of invertebrates.  Last week, we tackled sponges, worms, mollusks, and jellyfish.  We dissected an earthworm and showed the school.  This week we began the world of arthropods which includes insects, arachnids and crustaceans.  We will be dissecting a crayfish soon.

In Physics, we are studying 1-dimensional motion including acceleration and velocity.  Is it true that a penny will kill you if you drop it off the Empire State Building?  Ask Levi and Dennis.

In Physiology, we began with an overall review of cytology from when we studied it 2 years ago in Biology.  Now, we began a unit on histology which is the study of tissue.  There are 4 basic types of tissue in the body.  Bone and even blood are considered connective tissue. Ask the girls why you some bone tissue takes longer to heal than epithelial tissue!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In U.S. History, we covered a great decade for out nation...the 80s.  As we are now getting into the 90s, the students are realizing why our current culture is so corrupt.  We are reaping what we have sown.  We studied highlights such as the Challenger disaster, the San Francisco earthquake, and the Desert Storm Operation...which happened when I was in 5th grade.  I feel old!

Mr. Kipfer has moved onto our current culture and how it clashes with Christianity.  Topics such as abortion, homosexuality and addictions can be pretty sad to study...however Mr. Kipfer does a great job of telling funny stories and cracking jokes to keep things light.

In M.S. Health, we finished our Unit on drugs and alcohol.  We are doing some outside research on healthy eating and diseases for the next few weeks.  We plan to review the entire 9 weeks with a final the last week of school.

In Economics, the students did a fantastic job being entrepreneurs!  We had a "KA Karnival" day on May 9.  The activities and goods included Lego sales, face painting, farm animal petting and pictures and Taco Cookies.  Congrats to Payton, Makayla, and Rachel for being the most lucrative business!  They made 115 dollars, but more important than money (monopoly money), everybody had a blast! 

In Chemistry, we are finishing the book learning a concept called REDOX reactions.  We plan to use the last 2 weeks to review everything we learned this past year with a worksheet packet.

In Physics, magnetism finished the book.  As we review, I think back on how it has been a great year with the 3 Juniors (Gretchen, Deena, and Tim) and we got into many good discussions in class...some about Physics and some about life.  We will miss these 3 Juniors as next year, they will be dual crediting all their classes and not attending KA. :-(

Have a great and safe summer everybody!