Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In U.S. History, we covered a great decade for out nation...the 80s.  As we are now getting into the 90s, the students are realizing why our current culture is so corrupt.  We are reaping what we have sown.  We studied highlights such as the Challenger disaster, the San Francisco earthquake, and the Desert Storm Operation...which happened when I was in 5th grade.  I feel old!

Mr. Kipfer has moved onto our current culture and how it clashes with Christianity.  Topics such as abortion, homosexuality and addictions can be pretty sad to study...however Mr. Kipfer does a great job of telling funny stories and cracking jokes to keep things light.

In M.S. Health, we finished our Unit on drugs and alcohol.  We are doing some outside research on healthy eating and diseases for the next few weeks.  We plan to review the entire 9 weeks with a final the last week of school.

In Economics, the students did a fantastic job being entrepreneurs!  We had a "KA Karnival" day on May 9.  The activities and goods included Lego sales, face painting, farm animal petting and pictures and Taco Cookies.  Congrats to Payton, Makayla, and Rachel for being the most lucrative business!  They made 115 dollars, but more important than money (monopoly money), everybody had a blast! 

In Chemistry, we are finishing the book learning a concept called REDOX reactions.  We plan to use the last 2 weeks to review everything we learned this past year with a worksheet packet.

In Physics, magnetism finished the book.  As we review, I think back on how it has been a great year with the 3 Juniors (Gretchen, Deena, and Tim) and we got into many good discussions in class...some about Physics and some about life.  We will miss these 3 Juniors as next year, they will be dual crediting all their classes and not attending KA. :-(

Have a great and safe summer everybody!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Well, we're looking at the last few weeks of school, but the kids are maintaining incredible attitudes. This makes working with them fairly easy, which is a blessing.

The Pre-Calculus class just completed a chapter on probability, and will be taking a test on it this week. One of the students remarked that there were so many ways to approach any one problem that it became confusing. To this I will agree, but they are doing fantastic none the less.

The Geometry class will be entering the last chapter of the school year beginning next week. They will be looking at the basis of the trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, and tangent).

The Math-U-See classes are reviewing various algebra skills in preparation for future testing and to strengthen weaknesses that are common among those students. Currently, one of the classes is working on solving 3 unknowns given 3 equations. This takes a lot of meticulous work, which sharpens their skills. The other class is working on setting up word problems based on one unknown. This will help with End of Course Assessment testing that we will be completing in a couple of weeks.

The middle school math classes range anywhere from a step below pre-algebra, to a step below calculus. One of the middle school classes is working on volumes & surface areas of 3 dimensional solids, statements & equations involving 1 unknown, and adding & subtracting integers. All of these will help cement certain concepts that are easily forgotten. On the other end, a middle school class will be employing the rational roots theorem with the application of finding where different polynomial equations may cross the x-axis.

Regardless of where any one math class is, all students are looking at the end of the year with anticipation. Thankfully, the efforts of the students, as a whole, have remained at an impressive level. Keep pushing on, and don't forget we're almost there!

The English Corner

     Good morning!  Looking back over April, we can be thankful for God's guidance and great provision!  The 7/8 Lit. students have read stories about family, containing many truths that resonate. One particular truth brought out was that the safest place in this world is in the center of God's will. The stories and poems both entertained and taught valuable lessons. We are now listening to (and analyzing) a reading of the book by Bob Jones titled Wine of Morning.  They will finish  out the year with an audio book of Ida Scudder. They have completed both their literature book and the vocabulary book! Good work, you guys!
     After concentrating on independent and dependent clauses in our grammar books for nearly two weeks, the 11/12 grade lit class conducted their own research on an author from the era of realists and naturalists in American literature.  At the end of a three week journey through the process of research, they wrote a thesis, then crafted their final research paper. By presenting their findings to the class, everyone was able to learn. They did a fantastic job with the process! We'll now move into modern American poetry, prose and a look at the American dream: fact or fantasy.
     Similarly, the 10th grade lit. class studied all about adjectives and adverbs for two weeks.  They then put it all into use as they researched a topic of their choice, wrote a thesis, then proved their thesis to be true through the information they had found, crafted into a research paper.  There were lots of areas of research, writing, documenting we covered that challenges any writer, and they did great through it all! Our last weeks will be filled with reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, so if your kids start putting "est" on the end of words as they talk at home...
     Quotation marks, periods, commas, ?, !  Where do they really go?  The 7/8 grade grammar has been working with punctuation, capitalization, and spelling rules, as well as a re-visit of pronoun/antecedent agreement. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was pretty lively once these 7/8 graders added sound effects for the various punctuation marks...  They now get to focus on researching a topic of their choice, writing a thesis to prove, and, of course, finishing it all with a short research paper.  This last unit begins with a trip to the Wells County Public Library for a presentation of how to use the library as a resource for research, by Leah Baumgartner.
     The Family and Consumer Science class has covered a lot of ground.  They delivered the 24 infant burp cloths they made to the Helping Hands Pregnancy Resource Center.  Shawna gave us a tour/presentation of the center's purpose and services.  They were thrilled with the girls' donation. The final sewing project has begun: making a circle skirt.  It includes many of the sewing skills they have been learning throughout the unit.  We hope to have time to include our version of Chopped to top off last semester's foods portion of the class!
     Thanks to all who have helped, encouraged, prayed and otherwise been involved in any of my classes this year! I am truly grateful and appreciate each of you and your awesome kids. To God be the glory.
Mrs. Lemmen

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In about 2 months, we will be wrapping up this school year. In the meantime, the students have been working very hard in their math classes.

The middle school students have been working on the use of logarithms, distance problems, writing equations from statements, and finding percent of a number. The high school students have been working on properties of prisms, infinite series & sequences, age word problems, and solving quadratics.

This is only a snapshot of the topics these students have covered, the work that they do, and the effort they put forth. Recently we have been struggling with internet connectivity problems. However, the students have persevered, and kept up on their classes that demand internet access. All in all, they are quite impressive. In fact, there are many days when they are ahead of the 8-ball getting lessons turned in before they are due.

I could go on and continue bragging about how well our students do, but chances are, you know at least one of them, and know exactly what I'm talking about. Well done, kids! Keep up the good work!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The MS/HS English Corner

Family is the theme of all the 7/8 grade literature in this final unit of our book.  Lots of family dynamics are presented through many literary techniques and genres.  Hit and Run  was a detective story written from a third person limited point of view.  It had many angles to dig into in our discussions.  

The Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores have morphed into a focus on grammar and writing.  This will be followed by two weeks of individual research of two eras of American literature and the development of the English language/names.  I am excited to have Leah Baumgarter from Wells County Public Library present what the WCPL offers for research in its web page and high quality databases.  To keep this investigation process fun, the final papers will not be epics :) , but rather reasonable lengths, with the primary focus on quality.

The 7/8 grade Grammar class has excelled at Capitalization!  Good job, everyone!  (It's trickier than it sounds.)  You may have seen your student(s) interviewing a family member or friend lately.  They are learning about biographical sketches (vs. biographies) through writing one about someone they think highly of.  This will someday be helpful when they have to write one of themselves as part of a job application or college application!  Seems like that's a long way off for them, yet....

The Family and Consumer Science class (home ec) is sewing!  They have learned basic hand sewing and machine techniques.  We are excited to have Pat Bloomfield  and Amber Pfister helping out with specific projects.  Mrs. Bloomfield taught centered and lap zippers, while Mrs. Pfister will be teaching the use of a serger machine.  The students will make burp cloths and take them to Helping Hands Pregnancy Resource Center to donate.  The students are finishing their first real project now-pillow covers, and there are more to come. They have done a really great job!!

Thanks again to all who help our classes and pray for the students and teachers.  I love working with everyone at KA.

Mrs. Lemmen
Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In U.S. History, we are reviewing the Cold War as well as changing life in the 1950's of America.  We will be studying the Civil Rights Movement next month.  We also have been recognizing different missionaries from the US during this time.  In remembrance of Jim Elliot, we will be watching End of the Spear next week and writing descriptive papers about his life.  

Mr. Kipfer has moved onto how Christianity has influenced different cultures in different times of history.  Recently, he reviewed how the Gospel thrives under suffering.  To illustrate this, he lectured how Christians responded to different disasters.

In M.S. Health, we studied teeth, the mouth and dentistry.  Next week, Dr. Allen Stoller has offered to come in and share his experiences with the class.  After this, we plan to move onto drugs, the nervous system and how they are interact with each other.

In Economics, we are learning about money, banks, and credit cards.  The students were educated on the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards among many other things.  We have also been watching a PBS documentary and doing speeches over it.

In Chemistry, we are looking into thermodynamics in chemical reactions.  This involves entropy, enthalpy and a fascinating concept called Gibbs Free Energy.  The explanation for this goes beyond the scope of this blog.  The students have been doing great in the midst of this difficult chapter.

In Physics, we adventured into the electrifying world of electricity.  We have mainly been learning the mathematical side using equations and constants.  Soon we will be learning the physical side of this using actual circuits and all that is involved with that.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Middle School Literature class has read 17 selections over the past five weeks, each teaching lessons in humility.  We have experienced the harmful results of pride, and the beautiful result of humility, appreciating the impact of the ultimate humble act of Christ.  The students wrote great dialogues, which we had the pleasure of hearing many of them read to the class.

The 11/12 Literature class dove into the writings of Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman, followed by Poe, Hawthorne and Melville.  We are thankful to be able to read and discuss these from a Christian foundation, as the authors present many un-Christian views, but make them appear "ok" at first glance.  The students put their understanding of one of the literary works, and their opinion of it, into an artistic  representation.  Such a different level of understanding and expression when this perspective is used!  Stop by our room and see their art :)  .

The 10th graders are just finishing a unit on the short story, experiencing the literary techniques of writers such as Alfred Lloyd Tennyson, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Stephen Crane. Narratives/poetry like The Listeners by Walter de la Mare challenged us with deep symbolism.  The detective story of Sir Doyle, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, entertained us as we "walked" alongside Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

Grammar class wrote an "In Class Essay" with much attention to detail!  The result was worth the many revisions...something that really never ends with all of our writing.  Hopefully the PIE acronym and object lesson (that was later eaten) was memorable.

Family and Consumer Science class ended with a unit on Interior Design.  This included field trips to Gerber Furniture and CJ's Flooring.  The community is so helpful with offering their time and expertise to enhance our learning!

Thanks again for the support of all the parents.  It is such a treasure to work with your kids!
-Mrs. Lemmen

And ye shall seek me, and find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13