Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another year with a fun and successful play!!  Thank you to all of you who donated props, food and came and supported us.  I love the looks on the kids faces and the feelings of accomplishment that they feel when they look out into a packed gym and hear the laughter and applause.

For the next two weeks before spring break the English 9/10 class is working on writing essays.  This will also be good  preparation for the ECA test in May.

In English 11/12 we are finishing up "To kill a Mockingbird" and the students will be writing on one of three topics from this book.

Health class is starting Chapter 4 Practicing Personal Safety.  

Middle School is getting ready for their test on the unit "Our Land"  .  This has been a very patriotic unit with writings on how our country was established and fought for.

In Grammar we are starting a unit on pronoun-antecedent agreement, then on to using pronouns.

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  1. Thanks for all your work on the play and at school. I would say the play was a success! Very enjoyable.