Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There's excitement in the air with the thought of a week off school for our fall break next week. The question, "Are you going anywhere?" has been asked and answered multiple times. Until then, though, each student has some work to do.

Algebra I - Today, they learned to factor the numerator and denominator of fractions before reducing. This is a fairly simple job when there are numbers, but you know algebra. Letters are added just to make things tricky!

Geometry - They just started a chapter involving different aspects of triangles. Fun fact: did you know that it's impossible to make a triangle that has sides measuring 5 inches, 7 inches, and 15 inches? Try to draw one like that.

Pre-Calculus - A chapter involving polynomials is coming to an end. After finding zeroes, plotting data to see what shape it creates, and working with solutions to radical equations that aren't solutions at all, I think the students will be excited to take the test on Friday, and finish this chapter.

These are 3 of the many classes happening in my room. Throughout the day, though, the most important lessons are ones involving the heart. Whether its about work ethic, moral character, or who your master is, it all comes back to one thing; do things heartily as unto the Lord. That will solve your heart problems!

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  1. I can just see Dave Moser smiling after reading this post....thanks Mr. Fiechter!