Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mr. Fiechter's Clasess 4/15/2014

Below are some of my classes along with what they're doing today.

This class is starting to work on series and sequences. Today, arithmetic sequences and series will be introduced.

Algebra II
A test will be given today which brings mixed emotions. Although there won't be homework due, because of the test, they can't get help on test questions that they don't understand.

Algebra I
Shifting graphs is the topic of the day. First, they will have to identify the parent function's graph. Second, they will have to be able to identify how the graph is being reflected and shifted.

Today, they learned to classify triangles based on their angles and sides. They also learned how to find missing angles in triangles.

Auto Mechanics
Between the mowers they've had to service and repair, the odd jobs we've given them, and the truck Joel's had in there, they've stayed pretty busy.

End of Course Assessment practice has kept many of my students busy along with their usual classwork. Aside from the academics, figuring out when testing will happen (and coordinating it all), has been a challenge. As of now, we have our ISTEP, and ECA's scheduled. For more information on that, you can go to kingdomacademy.us and go to the announcements page.

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