Friday, February 9, 2018

5/8 of the year is over, and it doesn't seem like it's been that long. As time continues to slip by, the attitudes of the students continue to impress me. Of course there are times when attitudes need tuned up, and now is one of those times. In the middle of the winter, halfway through the third quarter, and at a time when any excitement for school has long since worn off, you begin to catch a glimpse of what people are really made of (teachers included).

Anyway, as we tackle these issues of character, we must also continue on with the work at hand. Pre-calculus is finishing up a chapter that focused on comparing and converting the rectangular form of a number to the polar form (and vice versa). Algebra 2 has also been focusing on polar vs rectangular form of numbers. In fact, they just completed a lesson on force vectors on a point. Calculus has been dealing with change of variable in integration and application of integrals in finding the area under a curve. Algebra 1 has been dealing with binomials, trinomials, and their relationship to each other. The middle school math classes has been tackling concepts involving fractions (improper fractions to mixed numbers, reducing fractions, common & uncommon denominators to name a few). They have also been looking at problems involving signed numbers.

The work has kept us busy, and I hope that with a little bit of encouragement, we can also keep up their motivation. We won't know that until later though. So until then, keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

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