Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In U.S. History, we are reviewing the Cold War as well as changing life in the 1950's of America.  We will be studying the Civil Rights Movement next month.  We also have been recognizing different missionaries from the US during this time.  In remembrance of Jim Elliot, we will be watching End of the Spear next week and writing descriptive papers about his life.  

Mr. Kipfer has moved onto how Christianity has influenced different cultures in different times of history.  Recently, he reviewed how the Gospel thrives under suffering.  To illustrate this, he lectured how Christians responded to different disasters.

In M.S. Health, we studied teeth, the mouth and dentistry.  Next week, Dr. Allen Stoller has offered to come in and share his experiences with the class.  After this, we plan to move onto drugs, the nervous system and how they are interact with each other.

In Economics, we are learning about money, banks, and credit cards.  The students were educated on the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards among many other things.  We have also been watching a PBS documentary and doing speeches over it.

In Chemistry, we are looking into thermodynamics in chemical reactions.  This involves entropy, enthalpy and a fascinating concept called Gibbs Free Energy.  The explanation for this goes beyond the scope of this blog.  The students have been doing great in the midst of this difficult chapter.

In Physics, we adventured into the electrifying world of electricity.  We have mainly been learning the mathematical side using equations and constants.  Soon we will be learning the physical side of this using actual circuits and all that is involved with that.

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