Monday, April 6, 2015

April Curriculum Update for Mr. Bertsch

U.S. History--We began the WWII unit and will be studying that in detail for the next 2 weeks.  After that, we move into the 1950s and the Civil Rights Movement.

M.S. Health--We studied the Endocrine system last week and will be doing the skeleton this week along with memorizing about 25 of the 206 bones.

Biology--We have been studying gentics and learning how to do punnet squares and pedigrees

Physical Science--We just finished a chapter on the atom and a basic look at chemistry.  Now we are moving onto waves and sound

Chemistry--We have been studying the Rate Equation and how different factors can speed up and slow down chemical equations

Physics--Matt Lemmen (the lone student) is studying electric potential, capacitors and how a television makes a picture

Human Anatomy--Olivia and Lauren just finished the digestive system and started a unit on the respiratory system.

Marine Biology--We are studying the continental shelf communities including soft vs. hard bottom substrates and kelp forests

We plan to take a field trip to the Toledo Zoo next Friday, April 17.  The students (most of them) and teachers are excited!

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