Friday, September 5, 2014

In High School and Middle School history we have been studying colonial America up to the War for Independence which we will start this week.  The students have been giving some impressive speeches (especially Matthias Lemmen) and doing a few random map quizzes along with homework, quizzes and tests.

In M.S. Science, we have been studying the Plant Kingdom and next week, we plan to do the good ol' classic leaf poster board.   Please have one available for your 7th or 8th grader.

In Biology, we have studied earthworms and arthropods so far.  We plan to dissect an earthworm and crayfish once I get the specimens delivered (they are on back order).

Chemistry has been studying kinetic and potential energy in matter and we plan to hit the elements and periodic table next week.  Thanks to a mom, we have some cool flash cards to help memorize atomic symbols.

Physics has been working with kinetics which deals with matter in motion.  Did you know that on the moon a hammer and feather will hit the ground at the same time when dropped?  Don't believe me?  Watch it on Youtube.  Now the real question is why?

Human Anatomy has been reviewing cytology (study of cells) and we just finished a chapter on tissue structure and function.

The year is cruising by already with almost 1/8 done already!  Stay in touch if you have comments/questions.

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