Thursday, May 1, 2014

Enjoy some action pictures of all the fun and education taking place here at Kingdom Academy...
Mark Gerber is deep in thought.

These sophomore girls are good friends.

Who knew Biology could be so fun?

Who knew Biology could be so tasty?

Are those turtles kissing?

These frogs are ready for dissection.

These freshman are not ready for dissection.

The sophomore boys are trying to figure out molecular geometry. 

Rinae just can't see why chemistry is so cool.

Professor Reinhard is preparing his lecture.

As you can see, he takes his job serious.

Liana's hair can hold a lot of pens and pencils.

"What did I do now?"

This is Gretchen Moser's face after she was pegged with a snowball.

Zebadiah is in trouble again.

These boys are just hanging around.

This is how much Matt loves Kingdom Academy.

High School Gym class is always action-packed.

Professor Reinhard in more relaxed attire.

Mark just finished a difficult science test.

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