Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mr. Bertsch's Room---March/April

M.S. History--We have been studying the Industrial Revolution, its affects on America (economically and spiritually) and how the Protestant Reformation has affected it. 

M.S. Health--We are studying nutrition and eating disorders. The students did a great job creating their own meals (although we didn't cook them) and describing all the vitamins/minerals/nutrients in each course of the meal along with what function they have for our body.  We also just finished writing a paper describing a family meal atmosphere and what manners and sanitation habits NOT to use!

Gym Class--We are on a rotation of volleyball, soccer, floor hockey, frisbee football, and matball.  Needless to say, we are anxious to head back into the backyard.

Biology--We just started the Cytology section of curriculum.  This includes how cells function, how they reproduce, DNA and genetics.

Chemistry--We just started a section on thermodynamics.  This includes the energy in chemical reactions and how it affects its surroundings.

General Science--We have been studying all the forces in creation.  Every force from gravity to electricity to the greatest and most powerful, atomic force which includes the energy behind an atomic bomb.

Rosetta Stone--The Freshman and Sophomores are all taking this with a variety of languages ranging from French to Russian to German and the majority taking Spanish.  For the last Quarter, they are required to do 1 and a half Levels which is the same as 6 Units.  Most students choose to do the majority of it at home and they stay caught up fairly regularly. 

I am hoping to post some pictures as well if I can figure this blogging out.  This is my first official blog post!  

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